Paul Sahner
Hi, I'm Paul.

I am a graphic designer specializing in motion design. Originally from New York, now living in Pittsburgh, I split my free time between illustration, photography and music.

In 2001 I started Iconize Me, a digital caricature service. Over the years, I've drawn over 2000 individuals from all over the world.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts in 2007. Since then I've worked full-time for Adspace Mall Networks, first as a Senior Motion Designer and most recently as Director of Creative Technology. I've worked with clients ranging from Coca-Cola to Disney Channel to P&G. Responsibilities have included animating ads for clients, internal web design, dynamic template programming and general operation/technology consultation.

In 2008 I launched NYC Grid, a photoblog dedicated to documenting and investigating elements of the city that interest me. In four years I shot nearly 30,000 photos of over 500 blocks.

I have two YouTube channels: My personal one dedicated to piano covers, and SimpleMoGraph, dedicated to After Effects tutorials.