Paul Sahner

I'm A Motion Designer

Since 2007, I've worked for Adspace Networks, most recently as Director of Creative Technology. Working in the Digital Out-Of-Home industry I've become especially comfortable working in unusual formats as well as communicating complex messages very efficiently. Above is my latest reel. More projects can be found here.

Graphic Design

I'm A Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, I focus on executing strong layouts, thoughtful typography and above all else, a clear hierarchy of communication. I firmly believe that graphic design is a field dedicated not just to aesthetics, but to the effectiveness of communication.

Though the majority of my work is in Motion Design, the field still requires a strong foundation in traditional graphic design principles. Some samples of my design work can be found on my projects page.

NYC Grid

I Love NYC History & Photography

In 2008 I created and have since shot tens of thousands of photos for NYC Grid. The original purpose of the blog was to document the city block-by-block. Updated nearly everyday for four years, I posted over 500 blocks throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. I strived to make the posts informative as well as visually descriptive in order to give readers more than what they could see on Google Street View. While no longer a daily project, I still update it with new content occasionally.

I Drew Digital Caricatures

From 2001 until early 2016 I ran Iconize Me, a popular digital caricature service. Over the years I drew over 2000 individuals including several famous customers and even entire companies. Iconize Me lives on under new management.

I Play Piano

I've been an avid, amateur pianist for several years now. I maintain a YouTube channel where I post short video of covers. Some have become quite popular.