Paul Sahner
EmergiFLEX™ at UALR

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Emerging Analytics Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed for advanced data visualization. The facility has a myriad of screens ranging from standard digital signage displays to advanced 3D multi-screen arrays. UALR commissioned me to create a suite of videos to be displayed across all displays to be playing when visitors first enter the EAC.

The centerpiece of the facility is the EmergiFLEX™: A reconfigurable array of 24 near-seamless 3D screens arranged in portrait orientation in two rows of 12. The EmergiFLEX™ easily fills your entire field of view and can track your movements with a pair of special 3D glasses. Since the screens are designed to be viewed from a relatively close distance the motion graphics I designed for this screen had to be created and rendered at a whopping 12,960 pixels wide by 3,840 pixels tall.

The following low-resolution sample represents only 16 of the 24 EmergiFLEX™ screens.